Non-Slip mat
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◆Three features concerning the usability of the Non-Slip Mat
①Amazingly effective non-slip!
 Whether operating with metal or plastic pallets, there’s a high degree of safety when handling loads.
 The result of using a rubber 5 times the frictional strength as black rubber is that there is an enhanced non-slip effect even when forklifts suddenly accelerate, break, turn or when they move up and down slopes.
Peace of mind also traveling!

②Remove and mount with extreme easy!
 With this magnetic type pad, simply put it on and take it off! Having this kind of grip on your fork makes it possible to remove loads off the the forklift with ease.
 Due to the magnetic force it won’t slip sideways or lengthways easily.
Remove and mount with this type of magnetic sheet!
Super easy detachment!

③Ultra-thin:4mm! Incredibly user friendly!(Incredible usability!)
 No unevenness and just 4mm thick!! No obstructions while handling loads!
 The benefits for using the wear-resistant Urethane Rubber is it’s durability and slow rate of deterioration.
4mm! Incredibly user friendly!

Furthermore . . .
Apart from being non-slip, it is also has a sound proof and buffer effect!!
There’s a decrease in contact noise between metals and scratches are prevented.
Please confirm the marvelous frictional force and the outstanding workability by an animation.
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makes freight handing more safely and more efficient!!
Non-Slip mat ≪Specifications≫
Specifications Model Product Size Recommended Use
light load
SRM-100H 4㎜t×980㎜×90㎜ ・Resin or metal flat pallet
 (superimposed load/500kg)
use only for indoor working
SRM-120H 4㎜t×980㎜×110㎜
SRM-120WH 4㎜t×1950㎜×110㎜
middle load
SRM-100S 6㎜t×980㎜×90㎜ ・Resin or metal flat pallet
 metal rack, basket pallet, concrete product,tombstone,precision machine
 (superimposed load/500kg 1.5t)
SRM-120S 6㎜t×980㎜×110㎜
SRM-120WS 6㎜t×1950㎜×110㎜

heavy load
SRM-100G 8㎜t×980㎜×90㎜ ・Resin or metal flat pallet
 metal rack, basket pallet, concrete product,tombstone,precision machine
 (superimposed load/1.5t - 3.0t)
SRM-120G 8㎜t×980㎜×110㎜
SRM-120WG 8㎜t×1950㎜×110㎜
please feel free to contact us if you want to order non-standard size
【comparison of strength with abrasion-resistant polyurethane rubber and other rubbers】
natural rubber chloroprene rubber butadiene rubber ethylene-propylene rubber polyurethane rubber which we use
Tensile strength
3.7 8.2 12.2 10.6 32
Tear strength
13 21 39 25 36.4
abrasion resistance
1.13 0.62 0.74 0.8 0.055

Flecon Grip
Flecon Grip
Flecon GripFlecon Grip
Simply fit the FleCon Grip on the fork and (straps on flexible container bags DO NOT tear and DO NOT slip)
ALSO it’s ready to safely handle pallets.
Flecon GripFlecon Grip
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◆What makes FleCon Grip special
① FleCon Grip has5 times the frictional strengthas normal black rubber!
We use Urethane Rubber which has 5 times the frictional strength as black rubber!
Loads will not slide from sudden brakes or quick turns. Our materials are also water resistant that prevent slipping on wet and rainy days!!
5 times the frictional strength as black rubber!

②Outstandingly wear and abrasive resistant
The difference between other kinds of rubber and our FleCon Grip is durability.
Furthermore the magnet sheet on the reverse side of the FleCon Grip has a highly efficient magnetic force. There is also a special slip resistant coating that greatly prevents and reduces frictional slipping.
Excellent abrasion resistance

③Smoothly put on and take off loads with the flat (even) surface of the FleCon Grip!!
As there is no unevenness the claws of the forklift do not get caught on the loads. Flexible containers can be put on and taken off easily!
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Smooth insertion and removal with a flat shape

Flecon GripFlecon GripFlecon GripFlecon Grip
Capacity Flecon Grip
Abrasion-resistant Polyurethane Rubber
Natural Rubber Sheet
Tensile Strength TB(Mpa) 35.1 12.5
Abrasion Resistance (Abrasion Loss)
AL (cc/1 ,000 times)
0.08 1.13
Water Resistance Yes
Water-shedding surface keeps
frictional force effective in the rain.
Color Transfer No Yes
※The above figures are test values but not guaranteed values.
Flecon Grip ≪Specifications≫
Length and width are changeable. Please feel free to consult with us.
(*Maximum length: Up to 1500)
Model FGL-100 FGL-120 FGL-125 FGL-140 FGL-150
Claw Width
100 120・122 125 140 150
15×100×1000 15×120×1000 15×125×1000 15×140×1000 15×150×1000
※Thickness(distance from the surface for the claw to the surface of Flecon Grip) x Outer Width x Length